Out of Home (OOH)


  • Complete creative scope of work from print, production & flighting to realize ROI on OOH investment
  • We package OOH as a key element of the various ATL media platforms client may want to utilize for their select brand campaign strategy
  • Quality control print & production
  • Flighting & delighting
  • Site management & proof of flighting



  • Reinforce and build an association with brand and route to and from campus, work and social chill zones in Braamfontein precinct
  • ‘Always on’ – targeting high traffic volume areas, grow brand awareness, reinforce the brand message
  • Access to high reach OOH platforms
  • Opportunity to have an option on various Crosshair Media-owned iconic sites in select precincts nationally



  • Opportunity to have holding (option) on various Crosshair Media-owned large-format iconic OOH building wraps & billboards in select precincts nationally
  • In-house branding in student building interiors in select precincts nationally
  • Street walls capes, graffiti walls, wall murals in Braamfontein precinct
  • Digital out of home (DOOH) holding: 2min playlist loop per hour flighting in Braamfontein precinct